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. paa (n) father, old man, child’s word for father. Paa bi dafa bari wax. The old man talks a lot.
. paaka (n) knife. Saani ma sa paaka bi. Throw your knife to me.
. paal (va) to be fade. Piis bii dafa paal. This fabric is faded.
. paan (n) pan. Abal ma sa pan bi. Lend me your pan.
. paar (n) part. Jox neñu ma suma paar. They have given me my part.
. paas (n) fare. Joxal paas bi aparente bi. Give the fare to the apprentice.
. paase (v) to iron. Paase naa suma mbuba mi. I have ironed my shirt.
. paase (va) to be past. Ciwoom (?) démba paase na. What happened has passed.
. pajaas (n) straw mattress. Pajaas la buga tek ci kowlal bi. It is a straw mattress that I want to put on my bad.
. pajale (v) to pack. Pajaleh naa be pare. I have already packed.
. paka (v) to snatch. Saa yuma anee dana nga paka ko. Whenever I have something, you snatch it.
. paket (n) packet. Jay ma bena pakeeti sukur. Sell me a packet of sugar.
. palaale (n) bridesmaid. Binta aay neka suma palaale. Binta will be my bridesmaid.
. palaas (n) place, space. Palaas amut ci nëk bi. There is no space in the house.
. palaase (v) to place. Fii laa palaase xar mi. I placed the sheep here.
. palansoor/palasoor (n) umbrella. Palansoor am na njeriñ bu dee taw. An umbrella is very useful when the rain comes.
. palanteer (n) window. Am nga palanteer bu dégér. You have a strong window.
. palastig (n) plastic. Jendal ma daali palastig. Buy plastic shoes for me.
. palto (n) coat, jacket. Palto lay ñawlu pur xew gi. He is making a coat for the ceremony.
. panka (va) to be precocious. Daado ku panka la. Daado is a precious child.
. panket (n) pancake. Sa panket bi neex na. Your pancake is yummy.
. pañe (n) basket. Jox ma pañe bi. Give me the basket.
. paŋas (v) to poke (one’s forehead). Dinaa la paŋas. I will poke you.
. papa (n) father, daddy. Sa papa am na ñeti jabar. Your father has three wives
. paree (n) dressing well, preparation, preparing, state of being well dressed.
. paree (v) to prepare, get ready, dress well
. paree (va) to be ready, prepare, be finished. Lekka naa be pare. I have finished eating.
. pareel (v) to prepare (for). Jigeen ñi pare neñ pur xow bi. The women are ready for the ceremony.
. parepaare (v) prepare
. parti (n) section
. pas (n) amulet, a knot, tie in a knot. Jelal pas yi nga deñaa leen. Take the amulets and keep them.
. pat (n) gum boil. Dafa am pat. He has a gum boil.
. pata (n) one-eyed, odd. Nijaayi Sohna pata la. Sohna’s uncle is one-eyed.
. pataat/pataas (n) sweet potato. Jendel ma pataat bu xaaraan. Buy a raw potato for me.
. patroŋ (n) boss. Seen patroŋ xajaankat la. Your boss is a show off.
. pax (n) hole, pit, drain. Gasal pax mu yaa. Dig a wide hole.
. pedaal (n) pedal. Xaw ma ni ñów pedalee welo. I don’t know how to pedal a bicyle.
. peel (n) spade, shovel. Ngeji peel dafa yokku. The price of a spade has increased.
. peepa (n) seed, grain. Peepa yii duñu doy. These grains won’t be enough.
. peer (n) pair. Jel neñu suma peeri daala bi. They took my pair of shoes.
. peese (n) tide. Peese baa ñu dogaatle. We were cut off by the tide.
. peese (v) to weigh. Dineñu peese gerte ren. They will weigh groundnuts this season.
. penca (n) bantaba. Village meeting place. Mak ñangi took ci penca mi. The elders are sitting at the bantaba.
. pengu (n) pin. Jaay ma bena pengu. Sell me one safety pin.
. penku (v) to inject.
. penku (n) vaccination, east. Jumaa jangi jublu ponku. The mosque is facing east.
. pentuur (v) to paint. Pentuur bu weex rafet na. White paint is beautiful.
. peñe (n) to comb, a comb. Suma peñe bi dafa reer. My comb is lost.
. perewere (va) to be transparent. Rido bi dafa perewere. The curtain is transparent.
. peroŋ (n) veranda. Seen peroŋ bi dina daanu leegi. Your veranda will soon fall.
. pexe (n) trick, an idea, way. Jigéen dénu bari pexe. Women are full of ideas.
. pey (n) payment, salary, wages. Jotnaa suma pey. I have received my payment.
. picca (n) bird. Seetal picca mi nimuy naawee. See how the bird flies.
. picca-picca (n) pimple, prickly heat. Mangee fexe ni may geeneeyee picca-picca yi. I am trying to take out these pimples.
. piir (va) to be pure. Lami xaalis pur laa sol. I am putting on the pure silver bangle.
. piir (adf) pure.
. piis (n) fabric, cloth. Ñawal ma piis bii. Sew this fabric for me.
. piis (v) to wink. Lutax nga piis sa bot bi ? Why are you winking your eye ?
. piitu (v) to eye, look, look one thru the corner of the eye. Yange piitu sa xarit bi. You are eyeing your friend.
. piix /fiix (va) to be airy. Fii dafa pux pur noppaleku. It is airy here for a resting.
. pikiir (v) to inject. Doktóor bi pikiir na ma be pare. The doctor has already injected me.
. pil (n) hen. Pil bangee nen ci waañ bi. The hen is laying eggs in the kitchen.
. piliyaan (n) hammock. Xale du togg ci piliyaan. A child doesn’t sit on a hammock.
. pitax (n) pigeon. Xale yi nge jënd pitax. The children are buying pigeons.
. piya (n) pear. Dogal ma ci piya bi. Cut part of the pear for me.
. po (n) play, game. Neñ seetaani po mi. Let’s go and watch the game.
. pól (v) to come out suddenly. Bi jaan ne pól ken desuk (?) fa. When the snake came out suddenly no one stayed around.
. polis (n) police. Sacca bi yobu neñu ko polis. The thief has been taken to the police station.
. politig (n) politics. Ken du ko mëna dugga ci politig. No one can involve her into politics.
. pom (n) apple. Pom baax na ci wer gu yaram. Apples are good for your health.
. pomax (v) to shove. Bi mu ma pomaxee laa daanu. I fell when he shoved me.
. pombiteer (n) potatoes. Kilo pombiteer dafa seer torop. A kilo of potatoes is very expensive.
. pompe (n) tap, stand-pipe, running water tap, pump. Rootal ma ndox ci pompe bi. Get me some water from the pump.
. ponta/daaj (n) nail. Saanil ponta bi bala mu ku gaañ. Throw the nail away before it hurts her.
. poñit (n) firewood, these are scraped off wood used for starting a fire. Mey ma poñit ngir yalla. Give me firewood, please.
. poobar (n) black pepper. Poobar bi saful. The black pepper is not hot.
. pooj (n) thigh, drum stick. Lii pooj la. This is a drum stick.
. pooj (v) to dance. Ki poojkat bu mag la. She is a great dancer.
. pooro (n) leek. Duñuy tooga pooro. We don’t cook leek.
. poos (n) pocket, purse. Suma poos bi amul dara ci biir. My pocket has nothing in it.
. poose (n) to fix. Dama bugga poose lal bi. I want to fix the bed.
. póot (n) laundry. Póot mi setul. The laundry is not clean.
. póotit (n) soap water. Bul tuur póotit bi fii. Don’t pour soap water here.
. porom (n) bronze. Lamam bi porom la. His bangle is made of bronze.
. pot (n) cup, can, tin. Jox ma pot bi ma naan ndox. Give me the cup to drink water.
. potopoto (adj) clayish, muddy.
. potopoto (n) mud. Kër gi dafa am potopoto. The compound has mud.
. poxtaan (n) armpit. Sa poxtaan bangee xeeñ. Your armpit is smelling.
. pukus (n) store. Maalo maa ngi ci pukus bi. The rice is in store.
. pullox (n) manioc. Xamul luy pullox. She doesn’t know what manioc is.
. pur (prep) for, to . Jënda naa saabu pur fóot. I bought soap for laundry.
. pursa/pursó (n) needle. Masin bi amul pursa. The machine has no needle.
. purux (n) throat. Bos na puruxam bi. He pressed his throat.
. put (n) gullet. Liir bi put bu ndaw la am. The baby has a small gullet.
. puup (n) faeces, stool, defecation. Tuur leen puup bi ci pax bi. Pour the faeces in the hole.
. puup (v) to defecate. Gëj naa puup, dama seere. I haven’t defecated for long time; I am constipated.
. puus (v) to push. Dimbalema puus xeer bii. Help me push this stone.


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