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. aaba v. to borrow, lend. Aaba naa benna mbubba ci Sira. I borrowed one dress from Sira.
. aabakat
 n. borrower, lender. Alkali aabakat bu mag la. Alikali is a big borrower.
. adduna n. the world, generation, universe. Aaduna si dafa rey. The world is huge.
. aaga/eega
 v. to arrive at, to reach. Dinaa aaga kër ci kanam. I will reach home in a while.
. aagee/eegee
 v. to deliver a message, to make reach. Aagee naa la xibaar bi dëmba ci ngoon. I have delivered the message to you, yesterday evening.
. aaji
 v. to unhook, to hit a target, to bring down. Aaji naa téeré bi yi ci kow almoor bi. I brought down the books which were on top of the cupboard.
. aajo
 va. to be respectful, need, anxiety. Dafa am aajo. He is respectful.
. Aajuma/gaaw n. Friday. Aajuma laay dem Banjul. I shall go to Banjul on Friday.
. aaka
 n. confrontation, attack verbally. Lii yëffi aaka la. This is an act of confrontation.
. aaka
 v. to confront. Mangee aaka Sam. I am confronting Sam.
. aala
 n. forest, bush. Aala bi mungee lakka. The bush is burning.
. Aalarba/aaralba
 n. Wednesday. Aaralba la jógee tukki. He returned from his journey on Wednesday.
. aaluwa
 n. a wooden writing tablet. Jox ma suma aaluwa bi. Give me my wooden writing tablet.
. aanda v. to go together. Aanda leen. You go together.
. aapal
 v. to limit. Aapal naa la tuuti rekk. I have given you a short time (short limit).
. aar n. protection
. aat n. an uncircumcized person. Xale bu góor bi aat la. The boy is uncircumcized.
. aatee v. to judge, separate. Xaali bangee aate séy bi. The Muslim judge is judging the marriage.
. aateekaay n. courthouse. Aateekaay bangi ci boor géej gi. The courthouse is by the sea.
. aateekat
 n. magistrate. Aateekat bi jigéen la. The magistrate is a woman.
. aaxa
 n. sin. Aaxa baaxul. It is not good to sin.
. aay va. to be smart, ill-lock. Ku aay la ci ligeey bi. He is smart in the job.
. aayee v. to deprive, prohibit, forbid. Aayee neñu ma mbuuru. They have forbidden me bread.
. aay-gaaf
 va. to be ill-fated. Lamin takka na jigéen ju aay-gaaf. Lamine has married an ill-fated woman.
. abal v. to lend. Abal ma sa gasukaay bi. Lend me your digging tool.
. abale
 v. to borrow out, lend out. Abale nga sa yéré yi yep. You have lent out all clothes.
. able v. to lend out to someone. Maa ngee able suma ceen bi. I am lending out my necklace.
. aca
 n. ok.
. aca
 exp (imperative) Go! Let’s do it! Do it! Aca xaj bi. Go, dog! (Do not use aca on adults!)
. aca
 int. go on, go away, the meaning of this word is always explained by the context or situation.
. afeer n. affair, business. Lii du sa afeer. This is not your business.
. ag/ak
 conj and/with. Janax ag muus duñu xarit. Mouse and cat are not friends.
. agsi/egsi
 v. to arrive. Gan gi agsi na. The guest has arrived.
. ajaratu
 n. female pilgrim; a woman who has been to Mecca; woman’s name; title given to a female pilgrim to Mecca. Yaamay ajaratu la. Yaamay has been to Mecca.
. aji
 v. to go on pilgrimage. Dinga aji dewén. You will go on pilgrimage next year.
. aju va. to be hung. Rooseekaayam yaangi aju ci kow. His watering tools are hung on top.
. akara
 n. bean cake. Jënda nga akara ci bitik bi. You bought a bean cake at the shop.
. Aku
 n. Creole. Aku bari na ci suñu reew mi. There are many Akus in our country.
. alaafiya n. chance, freedom. Am nga alaafiya. You have got freedom.
. Alaaji
 n. male pilgrim; a man who has been to Mecca; a man’s name; male pilgrim to Mecca. Kii Alaaji la. This man has been to Mecca.
. Alet/dimaas n. Sunday. Alet laa dee noppaleku. I usually rest on Sundays.
. alfun
 n. million. Bugga naa benna alfun. I want one million.
. aljana/ arjana n. heaven. Ñepaa bugga dugga aljana. Everybody wants to enter heaven.
. alkaali
 n. head of the village. Alkaali (n) bi mag la. The head of the village is old (?).
. almet n. matches. Jox ma boyeti almet bi. Give me the box of matches.
. almoor
 n. cupboard. Almoor bi rafet na. The cupboard is beautiful.
. Almuudu
 n. Arabic scholar. Almuudu bangee yelwaan. The Arabic scholar is begging for alms.
. altine/lundi
 n. Monday. Dina dem Banjul altine. She will go to Banjul on Monday.
. alxamdulilaa exp praise be to God (Arabic). Nit ñi ñep deñu wara wox alxamdulilaa. All the people should say: ‘Praise to God’.
. alxemes n. Thursday. Alxemes lay fóot. He will wash on Thursday.
. am v. to have. Am neñu ligeey. We have work.
. am-di-jamma
n. acquaintance. Kii suma am-di-jamma la. This person is my acquaintance.
. ame
 va. to be in possession of something. Maa ngi ame ñetti xar yu góor. I am having three male sheep.
. amel va. to be in debt (kind/cash); to owe. Amel na ma xaalis. He owes me money.
. Amet
 n. Moor. Amet bi Muritani la jóŋée. The Moore is from Mauritania.
. amiin ex amen. Soo ma ñaanalee, dinaa wox amin. If you pray for me, I will say ‘amen’.
. amxar
 n. split open. . am-xel (va) to be smart, intelligent. Xale bi dafa am-xel. The child is smart.
. am-yaram va. to be fat; put on weight. John angee am-yaram. John is putting on weight.
. ana adv where. Ana caabi bi? Where is the key?
. anaago
 n. frock. Anango laa sol. I’m wearing a frock.
. anam adv  (contraction) where is it? Ana mu? Where is it? (?) ŋ C.P. (?)
. anam n. the manner/way to do; something usually right; holy manner, way. Am na ko ci anam gu sella. He got it in the right manner.
. anda n. censer. Lii sa anda la. This is your censer.
. andandoo
 n. companion. Tasee naa ak suma andandoo yi. I met with my companions.
. angale n. English. Angale lay laaka. He speaks English.
. Angalteer
 n. England. Angalteer leñu jógée. They come from England.
. antan/antal
 va to be able to lift, bear, endure. Dinaa antan woliis bi. I will be able to lift the trunk.
. anyi
 n. some
. añ
 n. lunch. Añ pare na. Lunch is ready.
. añaan
 va to be envious, be jealous, be selfish. Dafa añaan. He is jealous.
. añaanee va to be jealous of. Dafa ma añaanee suma jiite bi. She is jealous of my leadership.
. añee v. to lunch at. Añee naa ci marse bi demba. I ate lunch at the market yesterday.
. aparanti n. apprentice. Apparanti joy ma suma weccit. Apprentice, give me my change.
. Araab n. Arab. Kii araab la. This person is an Arab.
. araam v. to be forbidden. Fen dafa araam. Lie is forbidden.
. araf
 n. letter. Bindal bene araf. Write one letter.
. arankees
 n. money bos.
. arbit n. referee. Arbit bi jubut. The referee is not straightforward.
. asamaan
 n. sky. Asamaan si xiin na torop. The sky is very cloudy.
. aset n. plate, Saturday. Aset bi setul.
. at
 n. year. Waa i am na ñaar fukki at. The guy is twenty years old.
. attaya
 n. tea party, China green tea. Attaya bi saful. The tea is not tasty.
. ataliye
 n. workshop. Ñawkat yaangi am ataliyee ci marse bu mag bi. The tailors have a workshop in the big market.
. ay
 adj. some trouble. Ay daala laa jënda. Dafa baraay. I bought some shoes. They make me some trouble. 
. aye
 v. to be on duties. Ñun, ñoo aye bale. It’s our turn to sweep.


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